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ABOUT Flovi inu 🐾

At the heart of $FLOVI lies our unwavering commitment to decentralization. We don't just advocate for it; we embody it. As a community-driven platform, $FLOVI empowers each member to not only participate in a decentralized ecosystem but to also take the helm of their own financial journey.

about cat



Everybode knew Floki, cheerful and wise dog of legends; little was however known of his little brother – FLOVI – who lived in his shadow for many years. He was locked at home for deeds so dark, that they were not to be spoken of...until now. Phle wala text remove krdein

  • You are big boy now, Flovi. I look at you and feel I'm confident I can leave you at home alone. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, like...

  • Buying Pepe?

  • Yes Flovi, like buying Pepe. I'm leaving and will be back in 30 minutes, everything will be fine.

  • Good God, how mistaken he was.


When Floki came back home after 30 minutes, he saw complete destruction.
Curtain's were chewed, furniture was scratched and chewed, shoes were stained, ripped and thoroughly chewed. Wires were ripped from walls and electronic appliances.
- FLOVI, WHY, WHY WHY EVEN WIRES? As Flovi put it, he "wanted to make everythin' decentralized."
Floki was about to forgive Flovi, but then he saw two things that changed everything.


In Floki's and Flovis' home, on the floor was broken Ledger which just 30 minutes ago contained 986 BTC and which currently were nowhere to be found. This really damaged the home budget.
Not so far away was lying a pack of punctured Floki's condoms – and this was what really and completely destroyed all trust to Flovi. As a punishment, Floki told Flovi that he won't be able to go outside.


Clearly for Flovi impossible was possible and the same was true for his friends, also known as "The Community". They are working meticulously, hand in hand to help Flovi prove that he can be as great as his older brother – both on and off the chart. Flovi on the other hand will always stay true to himself - cute, cheerful and volatile.

Pro-tip: Flovi in house ->condoms out



Flovi. is a protocol that gives the community the power to launchtheir own token sale and create their own token doesn't stop there- it also has a variety of other tools to help you get your token out there.like listing it on Pancake pancakeswap and with plans to add more popular exchanges in the future.



phase 1


Launch: Official introduction of the $FLOVIaproject to the cryptocurrency market, marking thebeginning of its journey.
CoinGecko & Coinmarketcap Listings: Obtainingrecognition and visibility by being listed onprominent platforms.
Reach 1.000+ Holders: Establishing a solid baseof $FLOVI token holders, indicating initial interestin the project.
Get $FLOVI Trending: Creating excitement aroundthe $FLOVI token to attract attention andstimulate demand.

phase 2


Community Partnerships: Collaborating with other projects & organizations to enhance $FLOVI's reach & impact within the community.
Audit: Independent evaluation of the project'ssecurity & reliability to build investor confidence.
Reach 50OO+ Holders: Expanding the $FLOVI holder
Weekly Spaces: Hosting regular discussion sessions tofoster engagement & exchange within the community.
Flovi Game v1 mini games: Launching the first version of the $FLOVI game with entertaining & interactive mini-games.
Seeking partnerships to integrate well-known cryptoskins into the game & future museum: Exploring collaborations with established crypto projects to incorporate recognizable skins into the game & upcoming virtual museum.

phase 3


Flovi Game v2: Developing and releasing the second version of the $FLOVI game with gameplay improvements and new features.
Reach 10000+ Holders: Continued expansion of the holder base to consolidate $FLOVI's position in the market.
CEX listings: Listing the $FLOVI token on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility.
Surprise bonus Flovi: holders to enhance loyalty and enthusiasm.


phase 4


Reach 100,000+ holders: Achieving a significant milestone by surpassing 100.000 $FLOVI token holders.demonstrating widespread adoption of the project.
Partnerships: Continuing to develop and strengthen strategic partnerships to support the growth and expansion of $FLOVI.
Flovi Game v3 p2p: Launching the third version of the$FLOVI game with peer-to-peer functionality for ane ven more immersive gaming experience.
Museum of NFT: Creating a virtual museum of digital art (NFTs) to showcase and promote the $FLOVI collection and its creators.
Revealing Ecosystem: Launch of native token




Remember, the strength of our project is rooted in its foundations. Together, we are the architects of our future.
Stand united, work collaboratively, and bolster the community that powers us. Our collective resolve is our cornerstone.
Together, we're not just dreaming—we're achieving. Let's hit our milestones one by one.


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